In ACIM, gentle laughter is the ultimate and final healing, and this album, God Is the Light in Which I See (How to Laugh at the Tiny, Mad Idea) provides ample opportunity for same – It’s no fun unless it’s fun!

My thanks go to my main man mentor (like any good one, sometimes perhaps a TORmentor), Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D., for not only imparting great clarity on the all-important fundamental question, “What’s it all about?”, but also for so many of his weirdly brilliant, comical thoughts that found their way into my songs. I paraphrase him with my song title: A WORLD WHERE NOTHING LIVES UNLESS SOMETHING ELSE DIES, which gives, simultaneously, both the “blissninny” type, and the PROPER use of denial about the world. It’s the rock song on this multi-dimensional album.

One favorite track, MY BODY IS ONLY A NOTION, features Bob Keller, who toured with such biggies as Buddy Rich, on tenor sax.

ONLY THE LOVE is a song I wrote as a message of comfort when a musician friend’s wife made her transition, and have performed many times since in similar difficult, hard-to-understand situations.

A song Dr. Wapnick especially liked is one I call PUPPET LOVE. It has some of his mind-blowing comments in the lyrics., such as, after using the metaphor of the body as a puppet, and the mind, the puppeteer, someone asked him “What about animals?’ Ken replied, “Dogs are four-legged puppets.”

I had such fun writing and singing this song; the second bridge goes “Dogs that WERE can RECUR, in reincarnation DOGMA—But a HOT dog I’m NOT, just a LOT of BOLOGNA”

Hope you will enjoy it too!