“But I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.”

Is this Don McLean speaking to Van Gogh, or is this The Father’s message through Don to all of us?  Is this not the message Jesus gives us in ACIM?

I was fortunate to have saxophonist extraordinaire Bob Keller play on the My body is only a Notion track. It’s available on CD Baby.

During his career spanning over fifty years, he has played with bands such as the Buddy Rich Jazz Orchestra, Chuck Israel’s National Jazz Ensemble and Walk Levinsky’s Great American Swing Band.

Look forward to working again with him in the future.

My Body is Only a Notion
If you are interested in purchasing T-Shirts, tank tops with the My Body is Only a Notion image, contact me.

It’s made of 100% cotton and is pre-shrunk.

Your body is more than a notion, you say? Well, okay, I have no problem with that. You’ll die and I won’t, but my having a problem with your choice there would translate to, and, ultimately divulge my own belief, suppressed unawares, in the reality of my body. Then I’d be a goner too!

Not dying is a little perk I can live with. Another is, since I’m only pretending I’m an individual in a body anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether or not I pretend I’m John Beavin. I’m saying there may be wiser choices, e.g. in the Cyrus family, Miley and BillyRay pretending they are daughter/father. Nothing new there; long before them, there were Nat King Cole and Natalie, and father/son imposters, Woody and Arlo, etc.

These three examples of profound, prolific, performing progeny perpetuate palpable pretension—primarily. Graciously granting that all three are immensely talented in their own right, name recognition is the obvious genetic advantage. Seldom considered, however, is the inequitable leverage of the universal covert contract between all parents and children, namely: In exchange for the child’s arrogant, belittling thinking, “Hey, if my old man can do it, like, I sure can!” the parent dutifully agrees to encourage the child at all costs.

My own arrogance dwarfed humorous, juvenile norm, though! I could/would make it onmy own, stubbornly refused to take unfair advantage of my “nameless” competition, and even changed my name to John Beavin — from — Joli Presley, son of Elvis.  Daddy named me after Jolie Blonde, about whom he sang in his hit song, Jailhouse Rock, (little Jolie Blonde on the slide trombone).

My now-great humility obliges me to join with the rest of the world in proclaiming “Long Live the King!” And the King does live because—you got it—his body was only a notion…

I love doing Senior Center shows, and going way, way back in my repertoire, jogging memories and listening to the surprised audience members happily singing along!

My most recent performance was at Flemington and it was so much fun!

I have plenty of 60s & 70s music which elicits similar reactions from somewhat younger crowds, and who knows, perhaps one groups needs that freedom of expression as much as the other.

It’s all good, and it’s no fun unless it’s fun!

Although Unity and Unitarian are spiritually based, we must realize that very little unification will take place by focusing on any specific spiritual views when interacting with the general population.  Actually, it’s a surefire way to ensure further separation, as it alienates those of myriad different persuasions.

Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve discovereed the joy of connecting, joining, and sharing just plain old songs, that have no messages, with everyone.  It surprises me because I never experienced this joy when I used to do those same old songs all the time.  Maybe it’s because they are old songs now — golden oldies, that it seems just about everyone is eager to hear and sing along with.  And, everyone really gets into the fun challenge of the ‘Name That Tune’  (or artist, or songwriter) game which I’ve incorporated into the concerts, with my CDs or books awarded as prizes for most correct song IDs.

Yesterday – everything just seemed so dark and gray
Now my troubles all have flown away
And I’m released from Yesterday
Suddenly – the veil was lifted, and I now can see
I am not the one I thought was me
Now Yesterday has set me free
Why we have to go through that stage, I couldn’t say
Ask a butterfly does she sigh for Yesterday
Yesterday – life was filled with childish games we play
And idols all with crumbling feet of clay
Now I’m released from Yesterday

This is not a “righted” song. My version, above, I see as a sequel, and I want to express my gratitude to Sir Paul McCartney for, not only one of the most beautiful songs ever written, but also for the honesty and spiritual insight in his classic song, Yesterday.

I had the opportunity to present at Dublin Unitarian Church in January.  It was a great experience. My wife, Lainie, did a reading of The Parable of the Stars. A podcast of the session is available here. We thank Rev. Bill Darlison for affording us this opportunity.

The late, truly great Rev. James Dillet Freeman, Unity Poet Laureate, gave priceless gifts to the world (and also the moon, as his “Prayer for Protection” poem was taken and left there by one of the astronauts in 1969).  To me, he gave his loving Christmas poem, The Angel Song.

I am now freely re-gifting Rev. Freeman’s gift to me, in song form often described as “hauntingly beautiful.”

Please feel free to download song # 12 at CD Baby.

In ACIM, gentle laughter is the ultimate and final healing, and this album, God Is the Light in Which I See (How to Laugh at the Tiny, Mad Idea) provides ample opportunity for same – It’s no fun unless it’s fun!

My thanks go to my main man mentor (like any good one, sometimes perhaps a TORmentor), Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D., for not only imparting great clarity on the all-important fundamental question, “What’s it all about?”, but also for so many of his weirdly brilliant, comical thoughts that found their way into my songs. I paraphrase him with my song title: A WORLD WHERE NOTHING LIVES UNLESS SOMETHING ELSE DIES, which gives, simultaneously, both the “blissninny” type, and the PROPER use of denial about the world. It’s the rock song on this multi-dimensional album.

One favorite track, MY BODY IS ONLY A NOTION, features Bob Keller, who toured with such biggies as Buddy Rich, on tenor sax.

ONLY THE LOVE is a song I wrote as a message of comfort when a musician friend’s wife made her transition, and have performed many times since in similar difficult, hard-to-understand situations.

A song Dr. Wapnick especially liked is one I call PUPPET LOVE. It has some of his mind-blowing comments in the lyrics., such as, after using the metaphor of the body as a puppet, and the mind, the puppeteer, someone asked him “What about animals?’ Ken replied, “Dogs are four-legged puppets.”

I had such fun writing and singing this song; the second bridge goes “Dogs that WERE can RECUR, in reincarnation DOGMA—But a HOT dog I’m NOT, just a LOT of BOLOGNA”

Hope you will enjoy it too!